Why using reddit will make you a better developer and a better learner.

Many people think that Reddit is a great source for memes and jokes, but many don't know that Reddit is used by some super-intelligent people and there are some great subreddits that will make you learn something new or interesting every day.

Here are some unique and fun subreddits that you should follow if you haven't

  • 1. r/Today I Learned
  • 2. r/Explain Like I am Five
  • 3. r/Web Dev
  • 4. r/App Ideas

1. r/TodayILearned

It's a subreddit for submitting and finding out interesting information about a variety of topics.

TIL does not aim for in-depth and serious discussion about a subject, but rather is more interested in a pop-knowledge overview of some minutiae(minor information) of a field.

2. r/Explain Like I am Five

The purpose of this subreddit is to simplify complex concepts in a way that is accessible for laypeople.

This subreddit has people posting answers for a question that are simple to understand yet cover the concepts of the topic.

3. r/Web Dev

A community dedicated to all things web development: both front-end and back-end. The FAQ section of this subreddit has one of the best resources for someone starting out to learn Web Development.

The community is pretty supportive and you can look at posts from some super experienced developers and learn the best practices along the way.

4.r/App Ideas

This subreddit is designed to be a professional environment where developers, entrepreneurs, and creators can come together to share their amazing app ideas.

It is a superb subreddit for newbies who want to make some cool projects that will be unique and challenging. And it will increase their skill and confidence that will be important for future job scenerios.

If you have some important subreddits that you think should be included, then please comment below.

Thank you for reading.